Why I Love Shopping Vintage and The Perfect Valentine’s Dress

I was recently asked to answer some questions about vintage shopping and it was the first time I actually thought about why I enjoy it so much.  Here are my answers:

Why do you choose to shop vintage and second-hand:

I’m always on the hunt for that one of a kind treasure!  When shopping at department stores and regular retail stores wasn’t satisfying my desire to find truly unique pieces I started looking elsewhere – first consignment and thrifting, then vintage stores and local markets.  Through this shift, I’ve found that vintage clothing truly stands the test of time – each piece is a unique and one-of-a-kind treasure.     

Thoughts on your vintage shopping experience:

One thing I’ve noticed is that vintage sellers are extremely interesting people and their love and enthusiasm for what they sell makes the vintage shopping experience unique and always fun.  

How you feel when wearing vintage?

I feel great AND, because I’m wearing a one-of-a-kind piece, I know that I can wear it out and there won’t be anyone else wearing it.  (So I don’t have to relive that time I walked into a bar and had on the same exact, very loud and distinct, think light blue sequins, outfit from one of Target’s designer collaborations!)  That’s one of the perks about wearing vintage – you never have to worry that someone else will show up in the same thing as you! 

 Thoughts on Styling vintage?

There is no wrong way to wear it, period.  The sky is the limit and you can let your creativity run wild.  My personal style is eclectic and constantly changing and how I wear and style a piece today is not how I’ll wear it a year from now.  And for me, that’s what makes wearing vintage so much fun!  Incorporating vintage pieces, even just an accessory like a purse or scarf, is a good place to start.  It adds a unique and personal touch. Styling vintage pieces in ways that are fresh and unique is what brings me joy and makes me feel happy when I wear them.

Where do you shop vintage in Chicago?

Short answer: All over the place! Chicago has so many great vintage stores and markets.  Wicker Park, Pilson, and Andersonville neighborhoods are my go-tos, but I also love the Randolph Street Market in the West Loop during the summer months.

I met Lydia, the owner of Confetti Co Vintage, at the Randolph Street Market a few years ago.  Her sincerity, kindness, and energy creates such a fun shopping experience and she has a great eye for unique finds so her booth is always filled with great stuff!:-)  She recently posted a love letter of sorts about vintage clothing and with Valentine’s Day just a few days away it seems fitting to end with her words:

A love letter from the past- Every piece of vintage clothing that I’ve ever sold was kept and preserved for a reason-whether it was worn to a senior prom, a fantastic first date, or out to a rockin’ club for an unforgettable night of dancing.  They carry these wonderful memories with them everywhere they go, from me to you. Vintage clothing has its own kind of special sparkle and, if you ask me, it’s the love that former owners have imported upon it — aka a love letter from the past!

Thanks for reading and let me know your thoughts on Vintage shopping!

Happy Valentine’s Day!


The dress pictured is from Store B Vintage, here in Chicago, and it’s so dreamy and fun, I had such a blast getting to wear it. These designer-inspired earrings are from Etsy.